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age reverse kit

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This essential, pure and ingeniously sophisticated range of authentic skin care products – is one that every skin conscientious being should not be without.
The 11:11 Age Reverse kit will enable your skin to regain the epitome of its youth. Especially in an age, where our bodies and skin are exposed to an array of negative and toxic energies and atmosphere – both contributing to compromised and insentient skin. They truly are Sent from the Angels 11:11.

Learn the ancient secret to flawless skin.

Take a look at ” The Art of Gua Sha”
A self-care, at home, meditative practice incorporating only plant-based ingredients penetrated with a black obsidian crystal, revealing gloriously rejuvenated, toned, nourished, and youthful skin.

ARCHANGEL age reverse kit contains a 6-month supply of the three essential products needed for facial detoxification and age reversal: CLARITY anti-wrinkle wand, DIVINE gua sha oil, and the black obsidian crystal ANGEL WING gua sha.

The ancient art of gua sha is the leading trend in Asian skincare and 11:11 has formulated an intensive yet nurturing, advanced lab-tested line that out-performs the leading brands.

Our formulas contain high-performance, active, ethically sourced, totally clean, plant-based ingredients, bottled in life-force enhancing biophotonic glass, that pamper your skin like Mother Nature intended.

The specially formulated high-performance plant-based DIVINE gua sha oil and CLARITY anti-wrinkle wand are deeply penetrated into the skin with the gua sha strokes to brighten, de-puff and detox the face, leaving a youthful radiant glow. With a 6-month supply of oils and the ANGEL WING gua sha, you have all you need to reverse the aging process from the comfort of your home.

to receive a 14% discount!


**Discount code valid through February 2021. Delivery dates not guaranteed due to potential postal delays.

Perfect for a luxurious Valentine’s pamper!

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